A triple beer with light amber color, it contains 8.5% ABV and has an EBU of 40.

The four hops we use give it a great aromatic complexity and its bitterness makes it impressively long in mouth. Its bitterness and intense hopping make it somewhat comparable to beers that follow the current trend in North-America. 

Tasting it is loving it.


A brown beer with 7% ABV and it contains a little bit of smoked barley malt.

It is brewed in the traditional style of “Belgian Christmas beers” thanks to the bitter orange peel that has been added to the brew. Let this beer surprise your palate with its very light bitterness, its aromatic complexity and its total lack of heaviness which make it extremely smooth.

About us

Our products are noble beers, brewed in Belgian style, with a 100% barley malt. 

Our slogan “The beer for people who love people who love beer” is extremely representative of our philosophy: sharing a Pils n’ Love must remain a nice, soft and relaxing break in this brutish and harsh world. We should all do our best to continue to be able to enjoy short breaks of liquid and hoppy happiness. We are making every effort so you can taste the passion in our products. On the one hand, as mentioned on our labels, alcohol abuse is bad for the health. But on the other hand, however, abusing love is not. Let us love one another by sharing a delicious Pils n’ Love together. 

We do not own a brewery, so we create our own recipes and let professional, industrial-sized brewers make them for us. We know that they are more than capable of brewing our products with very high quality standards, and even to make them better.

The fact that we do not have our own brewery makes us able to answer any type of order, seeing as we work with different breweries depending on the ordered volume. In one of our previous projects, we have collaborated with a brewery that has a massive production capacity with whom  we remain in very good terms. Our current partners are somewhat smaller, but they both benefit from years of experience. Should we develop larger-scale projects, we would also be willing to collaborate with new partners.

This way of working enables us to offer maximum flexibility and our partners’ exceptional skills give us a perfect command of the art of brewing. Their brewing equipment is constantly renewed in order to offer the best results and the best delivery times.

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